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           50 Baptist Street
           Redfern, SYDNEY 2016​​


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Leading the Way


Imperial Artistry has been leading the way in teaching the piano, trumpet, flute and guitar for over a decade.

The School has established a strong reputation and is respected and admired by parents and students alike.

It draws students from Sydney’s inner west as well as the eastern suburbs and prides itself on a close and positive working relationship with the Primary and Secondary Schools in the area.

More than Music


Through musical training, children develop the ability to track their performance and by doing so they gain a sense of achievement which in turn build confidence.

Courses are designed to coordinate with formal school activities (i.e. bands and theatre productions), so students can apply their new-found skills and techniques immediately.

Modern Teaching Methods


We strongly believe Music is a social art form and artistry comes from a holistic understanding of an instrument and the desire to use it to connect with others.

The School employs modern teaching methods and a pragmatic approach that’s designed to strike a balance between theory and practice with programs tailored to each individual student needs.

By combining private lessons with group work, students gain the mastery of their instrument, develop important social skills and learn the importance of artistic collaboration.

 Caleb Alloway 
Founder’s Story 


To learn more about Caleb Alloway and what inspired him to open the School, click on his image.

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